Test Confidence is UK based IT company, established in 2012 with only aim to provide excellent testing services. We at Test Confidence offer services in an innovative way, always maintain a customer centric approach and work towards client satisfaction.

We have excellent resources to provide testing services as required by the clients and endure to provide results in a timely fashion and within the budget of the clients. We have strong QA team who are able to start testing project within 24 hours. We make software products which are more reliable and user friendly, successful and competitive in the market. Our team are specialised in different types of software testing services and in using various tools.We satisfy our customers across the world with our deep knowledge in IT and by providing high quality products.

Functional Testing


Validating the functionality of a product manually is an accepted practise to gain the confidence of the quality of the product.

Compatibility testing

Automated Testing


The best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and the coverage of the software testing is through test automation, it is absolutely necessary and valuable when there is involvement of continuous effort to run the same tests on the repetitive basis

Regression Testing

Acceptance Testing


There are operational, technical and business requirements for many of the applications while some of them additional compliance and regulatory requirements. Normally users validate these applications from their end use perspective; these are done against the relevant specifications and predefined acceptance criteria.

Mobile Testing


Premium Features

We deliver experienced test resources and you will be provided with information about the quality of software. To make sure that the production is robust in nature, we not only test what the software does but also what it is meant to do, we provide a level of thoroughness that traditional requirements based testing are not able to match.
We focus mainly on finding the bugs quickly in a cost effective manner. We provide an objective and independent view of the software; with this a clear visibility of the bugs, risks and issues will be given to you throughout the development lifecycle.
The risks of the product implementation are minimised by validating and verification of the product.
The documented requirements and the contractual obligations are met
The external standards and specifications are met
The needs of the stakeholders and end users are met


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Meet Our Team

Our goal is simple, to make things that people care about. We were founded on this principle and we will always be committed to it.

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